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Computer Vision Syndrome: Children and Teens
Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is defined as the complex of eye, vision and body problems associated with excessive computer use. Most parents are rightly concerned about the types of people or subject matter that their children and teenagers mi.... Read More

Dry Eye Symptoms: Causes and Treatments
As discussed in the Introduction article, there are three main areas that contribute to dry eye symptoms: Inadequate tear production Tears that evaporate too quickly from the ocular surfaces Imbalance between the three main components of normal .... Read More

Dry Eye Symptoms: Introduction
There are multiple causes behind the symptoms, so finding the specific cause and the best treatment is not as straightforward as it may seem. Also, the term “dry eyes” may actually be one symptom of other conditions, such as.... Read More

Dry Eye Symptoms: Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is the term used for a family of eyelid margin disorders that cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching or burning, dryness, crusty lid margins, grittiness, and even the eventual loss of eyelashes. MGD is.... Read More

What's Your Vision "Eye-Q?"
According to a survey done by the American Optometric Association, the first American Eye-Q ™ parents lack important knowledge about eye health and vision care for their children and themselves. Want to see how you do against the original part.... Read More

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Eyes of Westwood
Eyes of Westwood Optometry is dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional eyecare and outstanding customer service. Our goal is for our patients to have a positive and memorable experience in a caring and friendly environment. If you are looking for quality we hope you will give us a call. We are conveniently located in Westwood Village adjacent to the campus of UCLA. We accept Vision Service Plan (VSP), Eye-Med, Medical Eye Services, as well as other vision plans.

Eyes of Westwood can help you see better and look better too!

Canon Retinal Camera

Canon CR-1Dr. Doyle offers the latest Canon CR-1 Mark II Digital Retinal Camera. It epitomizes state-of-the-art non-mydriatic imaging technology with dramatically reduced brightness, improved overall comfort, and significantly shorter exams. For patients having non-mydriatic retinal exams, the bright flash can be unpleasant. CR-1 Mark II focuses on reducing patient stress to provide comfortable retinal exams by significantly reducing the flash intensity. Because retinal exams play an important role in screening for major illnesses, the ease of examining provided by the CR-1 Mark II supports overall healthcare for people.

Maloney Vision Institute

Dr. Patrick K DoyleDr. Doyle recommends Maloney Vision Institute for Lasik Surgery. Voted by his peers as one of America’s Top 10 vision correction surgeons in a nationwide survey conducted by Ophthalmology Times, Dr. Maloney has performed more than 30,000 laser surgeries and has trained more than 700 surgeons in the use of the excimer laser. He was also awarded the prestigious Lans Award, for innovative contributions to the field of vision correction surgery. For more information, please visit www.maloneyvision.com