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Bacterial Conjunctivitis     
Most of us have heard the term "pinkeye" used to describe a condition where the eye appears to be red or pink-colored. Usually, the eye is also swollen and uncomfortable, with a sandy or gritty sensation; it may also feel hot, and there is usually a discharge, either watery, or thick and somewhat white, termed mucopurulent . The conjunctiva is the clear membrane of tissue that covers the white of the eye. Essentially, it is a type of transparent skin, and contains tiny blood ves...Read More
Causes of Conjunctivitis     
If your eye becomes red and irritated let your eye doctor take a look. Causes of Conjunctivitis Determining that you have conjunctivitis is usually easier than determining how your conjunctiva became inflamed. However there are a few common culprits that you should know about. Click here to learn more about conjunctivitis. If your eye becomes red and irritated let your eye doctor take a look. The irritation could be due to something very simple and benign but it also could be the early s...Read More
Conjunctivitis: Also Known as 'Pinkeye'    
Most commonly called "pinkeye," conjunctivitis is often seen by eyecare practitioners; it is the most common medical reason people come in to see their eye doctors. The conjunctiva is the clear membrane that covers the whites of the eyes. It begins at the edges of the cornea, (the clear, curved structure that covers the iris) and continues into the folds of the eyelids, then lines the inside surfaces of the eyelids.   Conjunctivitis is an inflamm...Read More