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Chase Away the Blues    
Chase Away the Blues High-Energy Visible Light Sometimes we might feel like smashing our computers and smart phones to bits, but we are using such things more and more all the time, and most of us have adapted. They allow us to communicate and learn at rates undreamed of only a few years ago, and most of us would find it almost impossible to imagine life without our electronic gear, our computers, smart phones, tablets and digital readers. Recent stu...Read More
The Importance of UV Protection    
Every day - whether it is sunny or cloudy and despite the season - we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Most of the time we don t even realize it since UV radiation is invisible to the eye. However out of vision should not mean out of mind when it comes to UV radiation. Sun can damage your skin in many ways including burning wrinkling skin cancer and premature aging. The sun can be just as nasty on the eyes. Too much unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV)...Read More