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Eyelids act as protective covers for your eyes. Proper closure and blinking of your eyelids is essential for normal ocular health and functionality. Lagophthalmos is the inability to fully close the upper eyelid. It is a form of facial paralysis affecting the obicularis muscle in the eyelid and it usually affects only one side of the face. With incomplete lid closure your eye is constantly exposed to the drying effects of outside air as well as to dust particles and debris. This may result in c...Read More
Lagophthalmos: Incomplete Eye Closure    
Our eyelids act as protective covers for the eyes, especially during sleep; during the day they are important for spreading the tears evenly over the ocular surface, keeping it moist and comfortable. During a blink, a thin film of tears is spread evenly over the surface of the eyes, which helps maintain a very smooth surface for clear and undistorted vision. The tear film is also a source of necessary nutrients and protects the cornea from infections; a full and complete blink is nece...Read More