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Colour Vision Deficiencies: Are People Really "Colour Blind?"    
We live in a colourful world and enjoy the ability to appreciate an endless variety of hues, tints and tones; our world is enhanced by artworks, sunsets and blooming flowers. The ability to differentiate different colours is important to us, just as a good sense of smell is necessary to really enjoy a gourmet meal: without smell the meal is nice, but not wonderful. The term “colour blindness” is probably not appropriate when describing most people whose colour perceptions are unu...Read More
Colour Vision Deficiency    
Most cases of CVD are inherited and the person is affected at birth. Overview People who cannot distinguish between certain colours and shades have a condition called colour vision deficiency (CVD) commonly known as colour blindness. Abnormal colour vision may vary from only a slight difficulty distinguishing among different shades of the same colour to the rare inability to distinguish any colours. Most cases of CVD are inherited and the person is affected at birth. In some cases however th...Read More