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Computer Use and Dry Eye: Signs and Symptoms Linked    
For many years, people who use computers for several hours a day have been reporting an increase in  symptoms  (subjective discomfort, as reported by the patient experiencing them) and  signs  (objective findings observed by an eyecare practitioner) of dry eye disease. While the use of computers and dry eye symptoms is nothing new, a recent study (June, 2014) of Japanese office workers has shown the cause to be a decreased concentration of a substance called Mucin5AC in ...Read More
Conjunctivitis: Also Known as 'Pinkeye'    
Most commonly called "pinkeye," conjunctivitis is often seen by eyecare practitioners; it is the most common medical reason people come in to see their eye doctors. The conjunctiva is the clear membrane that covers the whites of the eyes. It begins at the edges of the cornea, (the clear, curved structure that covers the iris) and continues into the folds of the eyelids, then lines the inside surfaces of the eyelids.   Conjunctivitis is an inflamm...Read More
Dry Eye Syndrome    
Did you know: At age 65 the eye produces approximately 60% fewer tears than it did at age 18. Did you ever wonder why your eyes are covered with tears? It s because the delicate tissue on the surface of the eye the cornea has no blood supply - it has a tear supply instead. Rather than getting important things like oxygen and electrolytes from the blood your eyes get these substances from the watery layer of your tears. The tear layer acts as a barrier to infection keeps the surface of the eye c...Read More
Dry Eye Syndrome Winter     
Dry eyes are common in winter. This symptom is considerably seen more in older people. As one ages their retaining power of tear gland becomes weak. Tear glands are like a faucet and the tear ducts are drainpipes. Dry skin chapped lips can be healed easily but in case of eye it is complicated to pick up any drops and use. Your eyes are the window to the world if you lost the vision you lost it forever. So when it’s about eye problem always consult your ophthalmologist. There are differ...Read More
Dry Eyes Are More Than A Nuisance     
Dry Eye is a condition characterized by an insufficiency in the amount or quality of tears For the millions of Americans who do suffer from DES it can get in the way of daily living. If you don t suffer from dry eye syndrome (DES) chances are you ve never heard of it. It is a condition characterized by an insufficiency in the amount or quality of tears. For the millions of Americans who do suffer from DES it can get in the way of daily living. Our eyes need tears to keep them healthy. In most p...Read More
Sands of the Sahara (Analogy)    
Sands of the Sahara Sahara Death Valley Mojave Kalahari. These are the names of just a few of the driest places on the planet. In addition to being geographic proper nouns these words are often used to describe things that are very dry. For many these words are also used as descriptors of their eyes. Not to be taken lightly Dry eye syndrome is a problem. A big problem. Estimates indicate that one out of five North Americans may be suffering from dry eyes. Symptoms range...Read More