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Now that summer is rapidly approaching we are able to spend more of our time outdoors. With that brings the need for effective protective eyewear from the sun. All well made sunglasses on the market have one hundred percent UV protection. The benefits of UV protection are well known including the reduction of skin cancer to the eyelids the chance of benign growths on the white of the eye cataract growth and macular degeneration progression. Transitions lenses are very popular with a...Read More
Sunglasses and Lens Tints: It's All about Protecting Your Eyes    
The sun gives us light and supports all life on earth, but some of its rays pose threats to us and our vision. The primary danger from sunlight is Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which come in three types, UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. The last group, UV-C, are screened by the ozone layer, which is one reason we should all be concerned about our atmosphere; however, UV-A and UV-B rays pose a threat to our eyes in several different ways. Even small doses of sun exposure over a period of many years is a...Read More
The Basics of Sunglasses     
The most common misconception is that the darker the lens the higher the UV protection. Sunglasses are now available in more styles brands materials and colours than ever before. Today s sunglasses are both functional and fun. Sunglasses can be worn as a fashion accessory to compliment a "look" give greater visual performance and comfort outdoors and offer protection against the elements. Whatever reason you wear sunglasses all sunglasses should improve your visibility against bright ligh...Read More