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Causal Factors of Myopia in Children    
Current research is looking into whether reading triggers myopia in children who have a genetic propensity for it. Myopia is a vision condition that results in difficulty seeing objects at a distance but near objects can be seen clearly. Myopia occurs because the eyeball is too long or the focusing power is too strong. Thus light focuses in front of the retina instead of directly on it causing blurred distant objects. In some areas of the world as in Singapore and Taiwan approximately ...Read More
Children Report Better Vision-Related Quality Of Life With Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses    
Contact lenses improve vision-related quality of life in children compared with glasses, especially in the areas of appearance and athletics, according to data drawn from a three-year multi-site study assessing the effects of glasses and contact lenses on the self-perception of nearsighted children ages eight to 11 years. The research further reveals that the biggest improvement may be more considerable after 10 years of age. "The growing body of research in children s vision correctio...Read More
Childrens Eye Development     
Children Eye Development While the eye s greatest physical development occurs during the first year of life children continue to sharpen their vision skills throughout childhood. Eye muscles strengthen and nerve connections multiply. Visual stimulation can help this process. Preschoolers aged two to five are eager to draw and look at pictures. By connecting stories with illustrations it is possible to help co-ordinate a child s hearing ...Read More
Childrens Eye Exam: What to Expect    
Children s Vision Exam Vision exams can vary depending on the age of the child. For instance a practitioner might ask an older child to identify letters whereas a younger child may be shown pictures of animals and toys. The key points of most vision exams are similar. The eyecare provider will first review your child s personal health and family health history and then conduct tests to check for the following: Vision: By using a...Read More
Childrens Vision     
Children’s Vision   Next to Christmas the summer holidays are a very exciting time in a child’s life. The end of the school year marks the beginning of two months of no school books! Parents are usually busy planning summer camps and family vacations. It is also a perfect time to have your children’s eyes examined by an optometrist in preparation for the beginning of the school year in September. By t...Read More
Research Shows That Summer Babies Prone To Myopia     
The reason: early-life exposure to natural light Study showed that babies born during June and July have a 24% greater chance of becoming severely shortsighted than those born in the winter. Prof. Michael Belkin a professor at Tel Aviv University s Goldschleger Eye Research Institute makes sure his grandchildren wear sunglasses even as babies. He advises all parents to do the same. He ought to know. Belkin has been researching the eye for over 30 years and is one of the foremost professors i...Read More
The Importance of UV Protection    
Every day - whether it is sunny or cloudy and despite the season - we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Most of the time we don t even realize it since UV radiation is invisible to the eye. However out of vision should not mean out of mind when it comes to UV radiation. Sun can damage your skin in many ways including burning wrinkling skin cancer and premature aging. The sun can be just as nasty on the eyes. Too much unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV)...Read More
Vision and Reading    
The following are excerpts from an article on Vision Learning and Nutrition by Donald J. Getz OD FCOVD FAAO This article by an eye doctor discusses children s problems with reading learning and behavior caused by convergence insufficiency eye tracking problems esophoria exophoria and other visual problems. Vision and Eyesight Eyesight is simply the ability to see something clearly the so-called 20/20 eyesight (as measured in a standard eye examination with a Snellen char...Read More
Vision Development Milestones: Age One Year and Up    
As in our previous article on vision development of infants from birth up to a year old, there are many activities that parents can encourage that will help children up to preschool develop great visual skills they will need later on in school and life. These skills not only help the process of vision but can be helpful in physical coordination as well. In the time between one year and preschool, young children should become very interested iin exploration of their world, looking and ...Read More
Vision Development: One of Childhood's Most Important Tasks    
Vision Development: One of Childhood’s Most Important Tasks Contents   1   Vision Development: One of Childhood’s Most Important Tasks 1.1   Introduction 1.2   The Basics 1.3   School Days 1.4   Summing Up 1.4.1   Diagnosis Codes Vision Development: One of Childhood’s Most Important Tasks ...Read More