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Childrens Eye Exam: What to Expect    
Children s Vision Exam Vision exams can vary depending on the age of the child. For instance a practitioner might ask an older child to identify letters whereas a younger child may be shown pictures of animals and toys. The key points of most vision exams are similar. The eyecare provider will first review your child s personal health and family health history and then conduct tests to check for the following: Vision: By using a...Read More
Contact Lenses and Regular Eye Exams    
Contact Lenses and Regular Eye Exams Follow-up contact lens visits will ensure that your lenses fit properly; that your vision is clear... Having your eyes regularly examined can aid in the detection of certain conditions that could lead to the deterioration of your vision. What can you expect in an vision exam if you are a contact lens wearer? Follow-up contact lens visits will ensure that your lenses fit properly; that your vision ...Read More
Eye Exams    
Vision Tests Most of us wouldn’t put anything as serious as our health into the hands of non-professionals – that’s just common knowledge. While you may be able to cut corners in other aspects of life (like hiring the neighbourhood kid to mow your lawn) there is no substitute for medical care. That wasn’t the message sent to British Columbian citizens in April 2004; the B.C. government announced it had drafted legislation to allow opticians to provide Vision test...Read More
Pupil Dilation     
Dilating eyedrops are used for your own benefit to certify that nothing is left undiscovered during your eye examination. Most of us are not even aware that our pupils dilate and constrict as light changes around us. The pupil regulates the amount of light that enters the eye acting similarly to a camera shutter. In the dark your pupil enlarges to allow more light into your eye. In the light it decreases in size. Internal muscles contract or relax to control the shape of the crystalline len...Read More
The Importance of Eye Exams    
Remember an eye exam is an essential part of your overall health routine A lot of people make the assumption that good vision means healthy eyes. Whether you have good vision or not this is not always a good indication of when to have an eye exam. Vision and ocular health conditions are not always accompanied by obvious symptoms. Through routine eye examinations your eyecare practitioner can detect early stages of such diseases as diabetes high blood pressure glaucoma cataracts and ret...Read More
The Importance of Yearly Eye Exams (Post-Surgery)    
An annual eye examination should be performed as insurance for maintaining good vision and proper eye health. Follow-up care after laser vision correction is very important during the first year following surgery. In the small chance that a complication does occur if diagnosed early and treated quickly it is extremely rare to have any long-term negative effects. Post-operative exams at our clinic are scheduled on a routine basis to ensure the best possible visual outcome and that your eye...Read More
What's Your Vision "Eye-Q?"    
According to a survey done by the American Optometric Association, the first American Eye-Q ™ parents lack important knowledge about eye health and vision care for their children and themselves. Want to see how you do against the original participants in the survey? Answer these questions, True or False: Children with no complaints about their vision don’t really need an eye exam. Behavioral problems have nothing to do with vision. No one needs an eye exam until they ...Read More
You Need a Eye Examination!    
How to Prepare and What to Expect any people don’t recognize that a vision examination is essential as part of our periodic health checkups, assuming that while their vision seems normal, that all is well. In reality, this is really not a good indicator of when or why to have a comprehensive vision exam. A comprehensive vision and eye health examination can alert your eyecare practitioner to the presence of not only ocular conditions, but systemi...Read More
Your Child Needs a Eye Examination!    
When? Children should have a comprehensive vision examination before the age of three, and another exam before the child begins school. Because children grow fast, their eyes also change quickly, so it is appropriate that they be examined each year after that If vision problems go undetected, there can be a profound effect on the process of learning and the child s success in school. Unfortunately, many vision problems aren t detected early because children think everyone else...Read More