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Presbyopia: What is it, and What are the Options?    
No one wants to look older, but most people find that aging does cause many changes to deal with as our bodies adapt to the passage of time. When we hear our eyecare practitioner say the word “bifocal,” we are sure we’ve reached whatever is on the other side of youth and vigor. You are not alone. The inner crystalline lens, located behind the iris, is one of the only types of tissue in the body that continues to grow with each passing year. Eventually, it gets to ...Read More
Progressive Lenses    
Progressive Lenses   W hen we begin to need extra help reading fine print or using a computer, we are said to be entering  presbyopia . This is a normal change that occurs for most people when they are 40 to 45 years of age. (For further information, please see our article "Presbyopia: What is it, and What are the Options?") The best choice for most people are multifocal lenses, especially  progressive addition lenses (PALs) . Multifocal lenses, with or with...Read More