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Eyewear for Different Sports     
Eyewear for Different Sports Every sport requires something different from its players be it speed agility precision teamwork or strength. Each sport requires unique eyewear to best protect its players from injuries while also enhancing vision for superior performance. Below is a list of popular sports and types of protective eyewear that are essential to safe and comfortable play. Information on protective eyewear involving tennis badminton squash racquetball and ping-pong...Read More
Eyewear for Sports: Protection and Performance    
Participating in sports is healthy and the activity is good for everyone. Each type of sport requires different visual skills, just as it does physical skills like speed, agility, strength and balance. The best eyewear for sports will enhance vision and protect the eyes from injury at the same time. We make recommendations for sports eyewear with these two goals in mind, although the discussion for each type of sport emphasizes eye protection and safety. The lenses in the eyewear ar...Read More