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Dry Eye Syndrome in Winter

Dry eyes are common in winter. This symptom is considerably seen more in older people. As one ages their retaining power of tear gland becomes weak. Tear glands are like a faucet and the tear ducts are drainpipes. Dry skin chapped lips can be healed easily but in case of eye it is complicated to pick up any drops and use. Your eyes are the window to the world if you lost the vision you lost it forever. So when it’s about eye problem always consult your ophthalmologist.

There are different types of dry eye syndrome. There are many various factors which can affect the tear film quality and leads to minor changes in the eye and finally lost of vision can take place.

Sunlight wind exposure to dirt and grit are the main causes of dry eyes. Sometimes due to wrong medications or body disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus can be the causes of dry eyes. Show your doctor and tell him history so that he can conveniently diagnose the problem and can give you remedies. There are artificial tears you can opt for after consulting your ophthalmologist.

Sun glasses are useful for protecting your eyes from wind and dust. They are doctor’s prescription to patients. One can go for lubricated ointment at bed time. Artificial tears come in preservative free and preservative containing forms. Patient can go for them according to their problems or requirement. People with sever dry eyes should go for preservative free artificial tears to ignore development of an allergy to preservatives.

One can go for flax seed oil tablets to reduce dry eye symptom. Many people suffer dry eye from dry heating system in the room since its winter time and dry eye is sever in this season. So one can go for humidifier for home. However you should clean the filter nicely.